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We are Residential and Commercial Roofing experts in Broward and Palm Beach County.Licensed Professional Roofing Contractors of South Florida. Shingles Solution Technology is a Family-Owned company with a culture of delivering a superior product at a fair price, meanwhile receiving top class customer service. Roofing Problem? Give us a call +1 (954) 302-3753

What We Love To Do


Leaks usually start over time and happen around the opening of the roofs, normally the flashings, pipes, goosenecks, skylights or any sort of opening in the roof, 80% of the time leaks come from those areas. Our leak threat analysis will always check the problematic area and give the best course of action


Our Process always starts with a leak threat analysis to check every detail that needs to be brought to your attention, whether you actually need a new roof, or just some maintenance. After inspecting the roof our expert will let you know what steps to follow that will benefit you the most to take


Keeping your roof in good shape is always critical to make sure it lasts 20 years +, so we offer a variety of solutions to different types of Roof so we can get that goal of having the roof in the best shape possible for the rainy season and therefore prevent leaks that can damage your home.